Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fight Gone Bad

This morning I teamed up with a good baseball buddy, Matt and did a little barbell work.  6 sets of 4 split jerks, then 4 sets of 6 overhead squats.  I learned yet again that I am just not as strong as I need to be; or at least, that I feel I should be.  I got my last set of jerks at 225# and felt pretty strong with them, but not nearly as strong as I expected to feel.  I was feeling very strong on the push, and my confidence to get under the bar was completely there, which was a big boost to feel.  Normally I get a little worried about overhead exercises seeing how they are a weak point for me.  But today, I felt very good with the mechanics of the move.  The overhead squats, well, I just got nothing with those damn things.  They are my all out least favorite exercise.  I need to work on them more regularly.  My last set I got 165#, which is really light weight in comparison to what I can do on other lifts.  I felt tight in the shoulders, lead with my knees and, am getting to proper depth, just nothing more, very shaky all around.  It was a big struggle for me.  I think some more shoulder mobility work is in order in my programming.  I'll talk about that as I get more into it starting tomorrow.

We finished with a fun little metcon of 10 to 1 pull ups with 5 burpees between each round.  I was able to get 5:14 and felt pretty good about that time.  Definitely a metcon do mix in in the near future for comparisons sake.

I returned ready to go after my evening clients to attack Fight Gone Bad.  Last time I did this was about 8 months ago and I got a 315, something I actually felt good about.  Another good buddy, Ryan offered to help with timing and charting reps, big shout out to him for the help.  Another friend asked me what I expected and I said around 350.  After we talked a little, I realized that my mind kept saying 375, it was around the range of some of the top CossFitters from the games.  So, I hoped to at least get close to those guys if I could.

Ryan started the clock and I just turned it on.  It felt good, I mean, hard, exhausting, but I was just really enjoying each exercise, except for maybe the sumo deadlift high pulls.  I moved quickly, took minimal breaks, and was spot on with my form.  That has been a big focus for me lately, keeping proper form, and to be honest, I feel like it has helped my ability to keep going.  I just feel that there is no real point to cheating this, I want to be fit, I want to reduce my risk of injury, so, I should take whatever measures I can to do things right.

So, after I finished, I tallied up the reps and finished at 431!  Damn did that pump me up.  A PR by 116 reps, really, very gratifying.  Tomorrow I will recover with some light conditioning with a couple ball players, then hit a yoga class in the evening.  I am really enjoying working out these days!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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Danielle said...

Holy Crap! That is amazing Josh! I remember last January doing Fight Gone Bad with you. Great focus and work! It's been great seeing you progress! Here we come sectionals!