Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Few Days Off

My lack of posting over the past few days has been dew to yet another minor injury to my abdominal wall.  It was a frustrating day to wake up in such pain, especially since I had absolutely no clue as to how it could have happened.  My only assumption is that it never fully healed from the time before and that is was just a matter of time before it happened again.  I plan to hit a great physical therapist I know to see if there can be some form of detailed assessment on what might be going on.

I do plan on geting back to the workouts tomorrow, but it will be a little more simple than normal.  I will allow for intensity, but with little variance of movement (meaning no Fight Gone Bad type workouts...)(heavy max load, or even sub-max load lifting).  I will also be working on some core stabilization, planks, iso leg lifts, roll outs and so on.

A point of conversation today:  nutrition, again.  I invited a great nutritionist Michael Donovan to run a seminar on Saturday, and he had some very great points I would love to share.  Timing.  As I have been learning more and more, it is WHEN you eat that is so important.  If you have too structured an eating schedule, your performance will suffer because your life is lived, and your workouts are structured as ever-changing.  Cortisol.  This is known as the stress hormone  But, interestingly enough, this is very misleading.  What cortisol actually does, is get released into your system when you ARE stressed to help reduce it.  The only problem is that cortisol will slow the metabolism because it works to relax the body down.  When metabolism is slowed, it becomes harder to make gains (no matter what your gains may be).  So, the solution?  Reduce your stress and you will make seriously major gains.

I'll post up the workout for tomorrow soon!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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