Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bringing in Another New Year

The New Year brings new hope for so many people.  It represents a time of rebirth, a time to clean the slate, to wipe clear the white board and start something new, make big changes, become better, more successful and grow.  So often we hear of peoples resolutions, their plans, their intentions and their goals for the year and so often, at years end, we find that it is pretty common that people have failed to follow through.  So this year I am proposing something a little different.  Don't forgo the New Years Resolution fun, it's enjoyable, it's a conversation starter and such, just take a slightly different approach to it.

I say, make one.  Just one simple resolution.  But there is a catch.  Make another on the first of February, and another on the first of March, and April and so on, for the entire year.  It is very common to weigh yourself down with too many expectations, and when you do that, you move to slowly and are way to overwhelmed to realistically achieve what you have put in front of you.  So, simplify.

I am choosing to stick completely to my desire to eat more healthily.  I have been completely dairy, gluten and red meat free for over a month now and I plan to stick with this for the entire year (most likely my entire life).  I plan to reassess my progress every month and really focus on my physical, mental and emotional state around my nutrition, and will make changes accordingly.  But because of the way I feel, the deepness of my sleep, the progress of my performance, and the energy I have throughout the day, I plan on continuing this for a long time.

Now, this does not mean I will not be focusing on other goals.  I have two events to plan, one of them being a bike ride across the country.  I have a new business venture starting, a new site to announce, competitions signed up for and so much else.  And I have many, many goals that I am going to attain.  But it is the main goal to avoid being overwhelmed so much that I can not produce and follow through.  So, as a main focus on the first of January of 2010, I will make sure I am eating properly.

So, with my singular resolution, I can now touch on some of the plans that are in order for the new year.  First, the announcement of my new website:  The site is not quite at full capacity yet, but it's getting there. The main thing will be that the blog on that site will encompass everything.  All these posts on this blog, and all future posts will be within that site and it will just be a wonderful collection of information and stories.

The other main plans are my bike ride across the country for Children's Miracle Network, my silent auction event a month before that ride, a couple CrossFit competitions, the expansion of Courage Performance to another facility in VA and a good deal of other stuff I am just not prepared to list here.  While it's easy to say that 2010 will be a big year, I really feel like 2009 was a HUGE year and that things are just going to keep right on growing.  I look forward to all the fun, the clients, the workouts, the adventures and the suprises.  I can't wait for them all.

Never Stop, GET FIT.

(the pictures are some of my gluten and dairy free creations over the holidays)

Josh Courage

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Steelfit for Strength said...

Sounds like 2010 will be huge for Courage Performance. Keeping goals simple and staying true to them is the key. Good Luck!