Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chip This

Really wanted to get a good long metcon in on the day, and with no Trans-Continental Workout planned (Blair as traveling out for a ski trip), I came up with this little ditty:

800 meter run
50 air squats
40 push ups
30 pull ups
20 box jumps
10 squat cleans (135#)
10 push press(135#
20 burpees
30 GHD sit ups
40 KB swings (24kg)
50 double unders
800 meter run

This was a freaking awesome workout!  The way the exercises were strung together allowed for no recovery at all, just had to burn through and hope nothing went wrong.  I finished in 21:24 and was surprised at how the GHD sit ups of all things gave me the toughest time.

A long bike ride in the sub 20 degree weather Saturday morning and an easy weekend to recover before I hit it again just as hard next week.  As a good heads up here, I'll be headed out to Arizona next weekend and I plan on getting to a couple affiliates out there.  Hoping for some good write ups as I grow my affiliate visit list!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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