Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CrossFit Charlottesville SuperFit Games 2010

After my baseball guys Friday evening, I will be headed on down to Charlottesville, VA to relax and prepare for my first CrossFit competition at CrossFit Charlottesville.  I was turned on to this one from my buddies at CrossFit DC, a good collection of them are going down as well; I am sure this will end up being an awesome time.

We have all been following along the site, waiting to see what new information gets posted. They hinted at sandbags a week or so back and I got all excited because I am a huge fan of anything sandbags, especially running!  The only problem I see so far is that it's supposed to be pretty rough weather this coming weekend so I do not foresee running being a part of this competition.  So, I figured they would be incorporated into short sprints, clean-type exercises and/or throws.  All this was just speculation of course, knowing that all I had to do was wait until tonight to find out what the WOD's were going to be.  And here they are!  From: SuperFit Games

WOD #1:
1500 meter row -
I am so pumped up about this and expect to finish it sub-5 minutes which I assume is a pretty good time. I have always liked rowing and I know with the added competition I will be able to push that much harder.  I just plan on going all out, ALL out.

WOD #2:
3 minutes max reps deadlifts with 289# -
Hell yes again!  Trans-Continental #4 was a max reps deadlift with 315# and I got 15 reps and felt like I took it easy.  I expect to get at least 55 reps.  I know that is a lot, but I know I should be able to bang out 15-20 reps unbroken with this weight, and I know that with the recovery after the row I will be pretty fresh.

WOD #3:
For time: 50 burpees, 25 thruster 111#, 25 handstand push ups -
Crap.  Burpees, fine, sweet, feel great about that.  Trusters at 111#, absolutely awesome, feel very, very good about that.  Handstand push ups.  Well.  I CAN'T DO THEM!  No clue what to do on this one.  Guess I really have to step it up on the first two.

WOD #4:
3 rounds for time: 50 double unders, 30 box jumps (32in.), 50 double unders, 15 hang snatches (111#) -
So, if I make the top 5 men after the first WOD's, I will be qualified to join the fun for this last one.  I would love to get to this one because I really feel confident about this one.  I enjoy double unders (if I can get that rhythm), I absolutely love box jumps, and hang snatches with that weight I feel I could bang out pretty quick.

Well folks, pretty pumped up.  Nervous as hell about the handstand push ups, but I guess my only option is to just go crazy with the first two WOD's and hope for the best.  You never know, maybe I will just turn something on and be able to get through them.  Either way, I am super excited to get down there and hang with a bunch of fitness nuts and pick people's brains, I like nothing more than hanging out with people who share my passion for fitness, so, I know this will be a great time.

I will be posting all along, so, keep checking out the blog!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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