Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Unbroken" and Good Times

Sorry for the delayed post, I went from one thing to the next yesterday and never had a moment in front of the computer.  But yesterday WAS fun!  Met Ori at Balance Gym in the am for a little something I came up with in place of "Karen" (that WOD is 150 wall ball shots for time).


My goal for the day was to get a short outburst of energy and try to go all-out by doing all 150 wall ball shots unbroken.  I am more and more interested in incorporating this style of training into my programming so that I can get used to just doing work withut stopping.  This workout proved to be a whole lot tougher than a nice short outburst.  I used a 59# sandbag for the sprint (2 laps on the basketball court), a 30# ball for wall ball and we got after it.  As you can see in the pic, my times got drastically slower as I went, and I had to break up the push ups at 10 in the third round.  The fourth round had me breaking up the toes to bar at 10 and the push ups at 8, and I finished with three breaks in all.  Ori went to the bathroom and lost whatever he had in his stomach, I was feeling a bit woozy myself, after the second round.  I even mentioned to Ori my interest in only do three rounds... he simply said it wasn't happening and I like a bit of a bitch for having thought to wimp out.  But this was a really good one.  An interesting point on it was the pull ups.  I butterflied on the first round, then went to kipping the second and almost lost the bar around 12.  I was worried that I was burnt out and would fail miserably on the final two rounds, but, I went back to try butterfly pull ups and was able to string them together no problem.  YES people, this is definitely a skill one must learn if one wishes to compete in CrossFit, it is insane how much easier and faster it is!  Left me a little busted up though...

I then drove out to Columbia, MD to visit Coach Justin Cronk and his awesome family for an afternoon of fun, and an evening of good food.  We played ball with the kids out back for a good long time, then, when we got a little overheated, we broke out the slip n' slide and water guns!  After the kids got worn out, Coach Cronk and I continued to throw the football around a bit; just two "grown me" outlasting the children in play!  I went down and played with legos with the kids for a bit, then we all got called up for an absolutely increadible dinner.

I can not say enough about this family, but one thing is for sure, I will be staying in touch with them for as long as I live.  Good people should always be kept in your life, and this family defines good people to me.  Justin, Jennifer, Conner and Tucker, thank you so much guys!

I then drove back into the city to get together with a good group of friends to have a drink ar two (or three or four), play some shuffle board and pool, and have a chill time.  It was great, but I didn't get to bed until 3am!  Today I have brunch with the pops, an awesome workout planned for the woods, and dinner with another client of mine before I prepare for my last few days as an East Coaster!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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