Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Showing Kelly Who's Boss

Today was a quiet day in terms of clients, and I had the luxury of getting to partner up with Fred, a long-time client and just an all around hard worker, to work out with.  The benchmark WOD "Kelly" fit perfectly with the programming I have going on, so we brought over the plyo boxes and med balls to the Waldorf School to get it done.

5 rounds for time of:
400 meter run
30 box jumps 24"
30 wall ball

The last time I did this one was two weeks after my bike crash in April, and it got the best of me in over 24 minutes.  My goal for today was sub-20.  I walked into it with some pretty good stiffness from yesterdays deadlifts, and my leg was really messed up from the box jump collision; but, I knew this workout would be perfect to just get the body moving dynamically without overloading it with weight.  My back did tighten up a bit around round 3, but not enough to worry about, and the run was enough to loosen it up for the jumps and wall ball.  The big struggle was with the mind.  I went completely unbroken through 3 rounds and as I ran for my fourth, I could feel my brain telling me I would have to break things up.  So I challenged myself.  I was able to get all box jumps unbroken for the next two rounds, and the only thing I broke up was the wall balls on round four, I did 20, then 10.  The clock stopped at 19:27, very, very happy with that time.  Fred rolled in with 21:10 (done very well, except for some depth on the wall balls...), and George did it later on his own (tough to do this one alone!) and struggled to the finish line at a little over 27.

Later on in the evening, I headed over to Balance Gym Kalorama to get a workout in with my friends at CrossFit DC.

15 x 2 Power Cleans

7 Minute AMRAP of:
15 push ups
30 mountain climbers each leg
15 jumping jacks

This was a perfect workout for my programming, and surprisingly enough, it actually gave me tons of energy for the lifts!  There was a huge group there for the class, and I teamed up with Big Dan and "Salty", two good friends I've made over the past few years of CrossFitting.  We started off with 100kg and after 10 rounds we moved to 105.  I then moved to 110kg for the last set and felt very strong with that number after so many rounds of it.  Salty and Dan were able to bank out 115, damn strong.

With the metcon, I was able to get 6 rounds, plus the push ups and 18 mountain climbers, I was spent for that one, but had fun with it!  My friends at CrossFit DC, especially coach Tom Brose have been great over the years and I am going to miss seeing them and getting workouts in with them every now and then.

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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