Saturday, August 21, 2010

Top 3 Toughest Workout

So last night I had a little "going away party" if you will.  With a good deal of people out of town, I knew it would be just a handful of people, but it really is the only time I have before I make the big move to have people oer to chill for a bit.  But 8 people worked out, and a few more people then I expected showed up to eat some good food and hang out with us.  It is so fun to just hang out, grill flames blazing and cooking up meat, snacks around the table, a good glass of chilled wine and a collection of happy people to share stories with.  It really is something I want to do more of, especially within my new gym community.

The workout...

15 KB snatch to thruster 44# (each arm)
25 meter sled push 90# (25 metes out, then back)
30 pull ups
25 meter sled push
30 power cleans 135#
25 meter sled push
30 pass throughs (push ups to dips)
25 meter sled push
200 meter run

Yeah, I expected this one to be a 12-15 minuter.  I was so wrong.  Here's how it went down:  My guys went first, and three of them went with 115 on the power cleans, one with 135.  When the clock hit 15 minutes, and they were still not even on the pass throughs, I looked over at my buddy Dave and we both just knew that this was going to be a lot harder than any of us had originally thought.  They finished up strong, but more gassed then I have seen them in a good long while.  Then, Lindsey, Dave, and other baseball guy and myself set up to go (Lindsey was using 26# on the snatch to thruster, 70# on the sled and 75# on the power clean).  I committed earlier to using the 20# weight vest for the fun, and that was a daunting thing, for sure.  So we got started.

It all hot during the power cleans.  I was breathing heavy, and the movement was not allowing me to catch my breath at all.  I strung them together in sets of five, and I was about finished after that.  The pass throughs took the most time, this is when you perform a push up (on paralettes, or short plyo boxes or something), then kick your legs through, perform and dip, then kick them back.  I ended up breaking these up in 2's from 15 on.  The run at the end was absolutely brutal, that's all I can say.  I was so light headed, tired, out of breath, you name it, I was done.

Video being edited.

I hope to have another group workout or two at The Garage before I leave (less than two weeks now!), hope people can make it out!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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