Sunday, August 29, 2010

Client Shout-out #2 - The Princeton Guys

Today I hesitatingly met up with George for a workout in the woods.  I say this because I was just flat out tired from the day before, but, I really wanted to do something fun today, so we eventually got it done, without the easy jog before hand.

"The Maryland Mangler"
3 rounds of:
200ish meter run through the woods
100ish meter run across the field
20/15/10 tire throw
1 lap bear crawl (down the stairs, across the bridge and back)

Extra work:
5 minute AMRAP of:
throwing tire aver monkey bars

Fun workout in the crazy heat.  I finished up with 13:10, George with 13:33.  Then we both got 37 total time over the monkey bars with the tire.  Check out the video below.

So on to my post of shout-outs.  The Princeton guys have been working out with me for a good long time, first Andrew Whitener came in, then Brian Pourciau, and then Matt Bowman.  These guys all ended up training with me through their final years of High School, then continued working out after they all ended up committing to Princeton.

Andrew Whitener -

Whitey came in early his junior year at Wilson High School and immediately we hit it off.  He was my first High School athlete and he was a workhorse, committing to everything I programmed for him and making gains quickly and smoothly.

I have had the honor of watching him transform from an athletically gifted young baseball player, to a mature, strong, intelligent athlete and friend.  I think one of the biggest changes I have seen in my three years of knowing and training Whitey, is his understanding of himself.  He has been through a great deal of growth, and all along has taken it all in impressive strides and always, no matter what, has come out the other side a better athlete.

I know that he will be a leader on his team as he heads to his junior year, and I see nothing but good things in this kids future.

Thanks Whitey, I am glad to have been such a part of your growth.

Brian Pourciau -

Poosh!  Brian came in one afternoon and promptly ingrained in my head the type of man he would be.  Doing walking toe touches across the gym floor, he kicked so hard his foot slipped out from under him and he just hit the ground.  But, he got right back up and kept moving.  From there on out Brian has been one of the most aggressive workers in the gym and on the track with me.  I have seen him go from a pretty strong kid, to an absolute beast of a man, completely shadowing me in all major lifts (something he was adamant on doing by the way).

It is rare to have a guy who legitimately gets as excited as Brian does to throw the iron around, and it is completely motivating to not only me, but to anyone who is in the gym around him.

This kid is going to be strong, he is going to put up some impressive numbers on the football field these next few years, and he is going to inspire a lot of people with his passion and energy.

Get you some Poosh!

Matt Bowman -

Matty B came in through Headfirst and we hit it off pretty damn fast.  Raw talent, with not much strength or experience in the gym, combined with an impressive level of confidence and sheer drive to be the best.  We fought to put on weight and with his dedication to the program and the nutrition, Matty began to quickly show that his potential could quite possibly be never ending.  This kid is going to go somewhere!

Matty and I also share something that I hope he knows I cherish, a bond that is sad to think about, but makes me so grateful to be able to help out with.  His father recently passed away in much the same way my mother did a couple years back.  It has been a noticeable struggle for Matt to deal with all of this, and it has been impressive and very inspiring how he has been able to translate what I know to be some pretty tough emotions, into his passion, baseball.

His commitment to being dedicated and good at what he does is what sets Matt apart from most athletes and I am eager to see what the future holds for him.  I am very confident it will be bright.

These three guys have been everything a trainer and coach could ask for in an athlete, and it's a pretty cool situation they have to all be at the same school where this connection can keep them just that much more motivated.  I expect to be in regular touch with all of them... and I am humbled to have been involved in such a transitional part of of all their lives.

To you guys:

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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