Friday, August 6, 2010

Bikram CrossFit?

Yesterday turned out to be a really fun experience after some worry about everything just not working out.  The plan was to meet up at the Wilson track for some longer distance sprints, but then the storms struck and, while I was ok with running in rain, torrential downpours and lighting were not the best conditions for track work.  So, back The Garage we went.

Upon trying hopelessly to get the door open with the electronic garage door opener, I soon realized that the electicity in the neighborhood was out.  Then, because of the past storm, the air was standing completely still.  And as Brian and Teddy pulled up, The Garage was feeling more and more like a sauna then ever.  No fans, no light, off and on absolute crazy rain, and we just got after it.

3 rounds of:
500 meter row
50 double unders (they did 120 singles)
50 weighted rope singles

We individually timed each round, and while the other people went, the two "rest" stations were:

50 sit ups
50 leg raises
50 heel taps


100 sandbag shoulder changes 52#

This was so hard.  And with the heat and steaminess of the small space, we were all completely doused in sweat; I kid you not, there were literally puddles of water on the gym floor at the end of the session.  I wrote it as five rounds, thought about the time for that, then cut it to four rounds.  After the first round, the combo of conditions and time, I cut it to three rounds.  With the cut, good ol' Teddy suggested we throw the weight vest on for the last round.  Absolutely love the energy!  So, we did, it was hard, it was fun.  I got 3:25, 3:21 and 3:05 respectively and felt pretty good with those times.  Interestingly enough, with 20# extra I was able to cut 14 seconds off, perhaps I was dogging it a little in the transitions...

On today's schedule: "Linda", arguably one of the toughest benchmark workouts in CrossFit, heavy weight, high rep.  Gonna be yet another fun one!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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