Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Past Couple Days

Well, my attempts to post every day this month have gone completely off.  Oh well, a little distracted with the whole leaving for California thing I guess.  But, these past couple days have been great.  I am now about a week back on light grains and am feeling very good.  Even after getting minimal sleep last night, I am feeling much more energetic throughout my days and feeling stronger and stronger in the gym.  Monday we hit 1RM back squats and I was able to get 390# pretty comfortably, very happy with that.  Had an easy 14 miles of bike riding to take car of some errands in DC, then back to The Garage for a this:

500, 400, 300, 200, 100 meter row with
50, 40, 30, 20, 10 double unders

I got 9:21 and feel as though that is a pretty legit time for that given the day.  A better transition between the two exercises over the first two rounds would have brought me below 9.  Yesterday a handful of us went out to the Waldorf School for an absolute blast of a workout!

Angie -
100 pull ups
100 pus ups
100 sit ups
100 squats

I was able to get this in 17:35.  Not very happy with this, my goal was sub 15 and with the heat and all, I was taking too long on my breaks.  I think I could have made better time on the pull ups, that's where I lost most of it.  Directly following that, we teamed up for a sandbag workout, check out the video.

Today was a challenge.  Not your typical challenge of heavy weight and all that, but because there was eight of us packed into the massive 200 square feet that is my gym!  What made it a bit tougher was that it was raining a bit, so we couldn't really spread out.  No problem though, we set up a bar and went one at a time with the Clean and Jerk, starting at 105# and moving up by 10 total pounds.  We would get two attempts if needed, and when one person could not lift the weight, they were done.  Pourciau and I fought through the crazy volume and were able to get 235# before we both failed on 145#  Brian failed on the clean, myself on the jerk.  While it's not a crazy weight, 235# is a PR for me, and I am so confident moving forward with this one seeing how I got up to my 9th set!  Following that we did 4 rounds, un-timed of:

6 overhead lunges 95/75
6 barbell lunges 95/75
6 barbell squat jumps 95/75
12 roll outs

A few hours later a few guys returned for the 2nd workout.  I agreed to push Brian through two-a-days until he heads back to school, and I know there will be a few of the others who will join in the fun.  So, the five of us did this:

#1 - while one guy runs, everyone else performs one of the following exercises.  Total reps is score
500 meter run
Push press 45#
Leg raises
KB swings 18#

#2 - 2 minutes at each station for total reps
Ring dips
Heavy jump rope
Rower for calories
Box jumps 20"

#3 - 1 minute at each station for total reps
Pull ups
Push ups
L-sit (minus 1 rep for every time the feet touch the ground)

We blasted through this in the humid rain and finished a sweaty mess.  The overall score is adding the total reps from each workout and it turned out to be a pretty competitive challenge (between the guys that is).  Brian and Danny tied with 486.  George got 545, Fred got 555 and I got 716 (the jump rope and box jumps are where I took off).  It was a fun workout, really fun.

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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