Monday, August 30, 2010

Client Shout-Out #3 - The Work-Day Warriors

Today I hit a taxing shoulder workout with Whitey:

6, 6, 6, 6 Push Jerks

3 rounds of 3 Strict Pull Ups w/ 30 sec. Handstand holds

5 rounds for time of: (w/ 95#)
5 power cleans
5 push presses
5 OH squats
200 meter run

Got up to 205# on the jerks, failed on the 3rd rep there and decided to finish with that.  May have been a little too much volume for such a dynamic lift (hey, everyone makes mistakes!).  Everything else went smoothly, got the metcon in 7:43 and feel like it would be a good sub-7 minuter.  I will most likely come back to that one in mid September.

The following clients have been committed to their training with me all for some time now.  While I tend to attract mostly high school and college athletes, I have always had my fair share of "9 to 5ers" as well.  This small group has been so dedicated and so driven, I feel the need to thank them individually for their commitment to change.

Holly Morris - 
Holly came in to train with me through to prepare for a marathon.  Already having run a couple, as well as a 50-miler, she knew te demands of the race, but wanted to better her time.  Being a news anchor/broadcaster, she was on a pretty crazy schedule, one that would send most people slowly shuffling to bed every chance they got.  But not Holly.  She would go out of her way to come in and train, and when she came in, no matter what the day, week, or month had been like for her, she attacked each and every workout with impressive intensity.

Her husband Thomas trained with me for a bit as well, and these are two people I can comfortably say freaking rock!  I am sad to be losing Holly as a client, but I know of so many people, her and Thomas will be two I will be seeing again and again for a very long time.

Mark Whitener - 
The flat out definition of an ideal client, Mark came in to make a change in his life a little after his son Andrew began training with me.  Along with a few of the basic goals, what he really wanted was to be able to comfortably hang with his athletic sons.  So, we began an ever-changing, growth inducing workout program that has seen Mark through some of the most impressive changes I have seen in a client.  I recall one of our first metcons, some body weight triplet that left him about ready to pass right out.  But he stayed on track and slowly but surly, he went from no pull ups, to an easy 5, from struggling with any sort of weight on the major lifts, to an over 350# deadlift and over 250# back squat.

The impressive thing with Mark is how he has allowed fitness to become part of his everyday life.  He runs regularly, gets workouts in on the road, and stays with his programming no matter what.  I will be in constant touch with Mark as he fills his basement with equipment and begins a new chapter of his fitness endeavor by training on his own.  Good things will happen man, I guarantee it!

Andrea Kaufman - 
I began training Andrea and her husband John at their house near Balance Gym and it became clear that Andrea was missing this aspect of her life for a good long time.  I have been through so much with her, and been there to watch as her transform from just an everyday woman, to a strong, healthy, athlete.   Her sleeping and lifestyle habits became healthier and healthier, she moved away from an extremely high-stress job, became so much closer with her two amazing children, inspired me to try a life-changing detox that she found and completed herself.  And, in the end, she signed up for and completed the DC Triathlon.  Besides that countless changes that have taken place in her life, she has always been there to offer help to me as I struggled with the many opportunities and growth I had for my business.

We have had our ups and downs in the gym, but Andrea is someone who I think not only myself, but many people could learn a great amount from.  I am thankful to have had her as a client and friend.  I am sure we will be in touch, and I expect those kids to do great things as they grow (and they better stay in touch with me!!)

Samantha Mazo - 
Samantha came to me pretty early on when I moved from Results, The Gym to balance Gym.  Interestingly enough, she is the sister of a guy I played baseball with from middle school through high school; small world.  She actually had to remind me not too long ago about how much she has changed since she last came in, because she is so incredibly fit now.  She runs, practices yoga, trains with me twice a week (came to the lululemon classes as well when I had them), and is now registered for the Nation's Triathlon.  Put simply, Samantha just comes in and gets to work.  Never complains, never finds excuses, just works hard and reaps the great rewards the body will always receive with that attitude.

She deserves so much credit for the work she puts in, and what's so great, and motivating to me is that it just what she does.  It is part of her life to always be active and to always push her limits.  Absolutely awesome!

Adele Fenwick - 
Hands down one of the most impressive people I have ever had the pleasure of training.  I first met Adele at my once a week lululemon class.  She then joined a smaller group that got together there for training two other times per week.  When TOUGH/Love started, she joined that.  And when I moved to The Garage, she joined Samantha and the two of them pushed each other and tore it up twice a week like clockwork.  I have met a huge amount of fit people in my life so far, but Adele is one of the few that easily out works me in shear volume.  She regularly indulges in 3-a-days, on top of her full time job.  And this passion for fitness shown through when she was invited to be a part of the USA National Duathlon team.  How sweet is that!

I only got to workout with her once, and I know I missed out on some fun, competitive sessions had we riden and ran together more often.  But it's her love for pushing her limits that inspires me the most.  I will be following along all her races and adventures, and I plan to join her (along with Lindsey too!!) for all of our first Ironman Triathlon next fall.  Keep up the absolutely inspiring work Adele, you freaking rock!

A very, very special thanks go to Van, Mark, Dave, Brendan, Trish, David, Abigail, Chris, Rick, Janice, and John.  All clients I have had the pleasure of spending a good amount of time in the gym and out in nature with in the past couple years.  And, of course, to the many, many people who came through my bootcamp classes when I trained at Balance Gym, TOUGH/Love, and clients I had throughout the years in and around DC.  All of you helped form me into the trainer, coach and person I am today, and I thank all of you.   I only hope to find people as driven and dedicated as everyone I had the honor of helping here, out in California.

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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