Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hitting The Track...with a Football!

Today we all met up at the Wilson High School football field/track to condition in the wonderful DC heat.  Two guys came in for early deadlifting, Brian and I both decided to cancel out deadlift efforts as both our bodies were feeling pretty abused.  A wise decision I am sure of it.

At the track we got a good, long warm up in, then laid out some agility/hurdle pads (about 2 feet long and a little over 1 foot high) for some footwork drills.  We did a good deal of them, including shuffles, jumps, change of direction and straight sprints.  Went pretty well.  We then got to 60 yard dash testing.  Tangent alert!

The 6o yard dash is the standard for baseball testing.  Why?  There is not one point within a baseball game where an athlete will run in a straight line for 60 yards.  Home to first is 90 feet, infielders will move an average of about 3-5 feet to make a play, outfielders move the most, but will never see a straight-shot at that distance.  I really strongly support that baseball testing switches to the 40.  This tests a quick first step, explosive speed and power, just the things needed to be a good infielder, outfielder and base runner.  Oh well.

All of us had pretty slow times, including myself.  Best of three was 7.22, and the gold standard is sub-7.  I would like to get that in the near future, as well as a sub-4.9 40.

We then finished up the day with a good game of 3 on 3 football.  Brian, Robby and Tucker handed it to Fred, George and myself pretty thoroughly, but it was fun.  George, Tucker and I hung around and ran some pass patterns to finish off.  

A note on playing random sports to stay fit.  It's a great idea.  We were running all over the place, practicing speed, agility, explosive power, and so much more.  And while getting fitter, we all had an absolute blast out there.  I highly recommend organizing a pick-up football game, basketball game, soccer, Frisbee and even a fun round of home run derby if you have a good field around!

Lastly, tomorrow we will be meeting up at The Garage for a little workout (the crazy "Farewell To Courage WOD" will begin at 5pm), some great food (please bring something to share, we will be grilling and so forth, so bring something awesome!) and chilling by the pool till the sun goes down.  Hope you can make it!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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