Sunday, November 1, 2009

It all begins.

Today marks day one of my CrossFit program and it looks like this:

Workout: (metabolic conditioning)
Bicycle ride.  I'll blast through a 30-40 mile ride with intervals.  After 30 minutes of comfortable riding, I will perform six rounds of 4 minutes threshold training (heart rate at or above 160bpm) followed by 6 minutes easy recovery riding.  Whatever distance I have after that will be a joy ride, just enjoying the great day today!

Tonight I will be planning out most of the week's meals and I guess it's safe to say that I'll be entering the Zone officially tomorrow.  So, as I get into that I'll write up a bit more.

The way I'll be posting all this will be, the workout(s) of the day will go on the side column under "workouts" and the actual post will be more about how the workout went.  Within the post I'll scribble down what my food intake was and any other fun stuff I feel might be entertaining!

Never Stop, GET FIT.
Josh Courage

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