Thursday, October 29, 2009


Alright, starting this Sunday, November 1st,  I will officially be starting my new program.  I have thought for a couple days about what direction I want to move in with everything and I have come up with my list of goals.  A few notes on this selection first:  I have a small amount of very specific goals that I will really be pushing towards (I will explain how my workout choices will help with these goals in a bit), I then will have a larger selection of generalized goals.  These are goals that are not necessarily very specific and even sometimes not even measurable by numbers.  I will also be going for a few "CrossFit goals".  What this means is that I will be taking a selection of staple CrossFit workouts and trying to achieve a great score in it.

Here are my specific goals:

- Drop below 10% body fat
      I hover between 12-13% and I know getting here will be almost completely diet.  I want to do this with longevity as a focus, where I can healthily get to this point and comfortably continue living my life in that same range.

- Perform 5 handstand pushups
      I have a major weakness with these as I spent a large majority of my lifting career in college lifting heavy weights with my legs, chest and back (being a baseball player forced me to NOT focus on heavy shoulder work according to my trainers...).  Now I have a huge imbalance in my strength and I will be focusing on this skill during off days and mixed into the weightlifting days.

- 25 strict pull ups + 3x 105lbs weighted pull up
      I put these in the same category because it's my belief that if I can get the weighted one, I can get the rep one.  I got 20 strict about a month and a half ago, and last year I was able to pull 100lbs for a single.  So I think with the added pull ups work that this program will involve, these two are attainable.

General Workout Goals:

- Achieve a minimum of a 5% increase in my 1 and 3 rep max on the following lifts each month: Deadlifts, front squats, clean and jerk, snatch.
      I don't want to set specific goals with these lifts because I feel I will themn be forced to really focus on my strength training during this program.  Because I need to be focusing on my biking, I don't want to overdo it and I don't want to lose focus of what I really need to do.  So, I want to just make sure I'm making steay progress on these inprotant lifts each month.

- Bike at least 3 x per week. 
      I need to focus on my biking, but I don't want to get obsessive with my training routine.  So, I will just make sure I get on the thing all week and get some good, diverse rides in.

CrossFit Goals:

- Sub- 2:45 "Fran"
      The first and only time I have done this famous and damn hard workout, I got 4:30.  I am sure I can get a much better time with a little work.  Workout: 21/15/9 of 95lbs thrusters and pull ups.

- Four other famous workouts done for respectable time
      There are so many to choose from, so, if you have any suggestions...I will post what I come up with later.  HERE is a list.

Well, there are ther goals.  Over the next three days I will post up some details on the Zone Diet, a few more details on the actual programming, and finally, the manner with witch I will be posting all this information.

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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