Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fri/Sat/Sun Work

What a damn good weekend of work this was. 

Friday was meant to be a gymnastics day, and I thought it would be fun to try out the 100-burpee challenge (basically, 100 burpees for time).  I had a couple buddies agree to play along so we decided to throw a mile run on the end of the workout, then get some good overhead squat work in as well. We really didn't know what to expect from this one, just looking through the internet a bit and finding that some of the best times out there were in the low 5's, so, I guess we just wanted to come somewhat close.  It was a quick one, fatigue hit fast, but once it hit, it didn't get any worse.  What this means is that I was able to go hard off the blocks, but then around 30 reps or so I started to slow up.  Once I started to slow though, I didn't have another change of pace through the end.  I just took a couple 2-4 second breathers and kept on trucking.  The mile run was a little heavy, but it picked up at the half way point.

Total time - 12:50
Burpees - 5:58


Total time - 14:30
Burpees - 6:26

Total time: 14:50
Burpees - 6:02

Overhead squats were great.  It took a couple rounds to get back into the swing of things for me, but, I was able to get 135 for 4 very easily on my 6th round, and that was the first time I actually worked those in over six months.

Saturday was amazing.  I was back at my high school for a holiday bazaar they have every year and I decided to take the time to get a good workout in before I had to scamper up to Philly for a Siena/Temple basketball game.  I decided I'd grab a 50lbs dumbbell and head to the steep hill for a metcon/weightlifting workout.  Here's what is was:

10 hill sprints
1 each arm dumbbell clean and press
9 hill sprints
2 each arm DB clean and press
8 hill sprints
3 each arm DB clean and press
etc. until the hill sprints got to 1, and the DB clean and presses got to 10 each arm.

In total, I ended up doing 55 of each there and when I stopped my heart rate monitor (something I really like to have for longer workouts because it keep me at intensity) I found that my average heart rate for the 39:02 minute workout was 179!  Holy crap!

I guess it was the excitement of being outdoors, the amount of people around, the pressure of wanting to get on the road soon, and the bare feet on gravel (the bottom of the hill was gravel) that made me just shut off and go hard.  But Saturday night, and all day today, my legs were gone!  During the workout I did not feel like I was holding a 179 average heart rate for 40 straight minutes, which, by the way is insane, it just felt like I had done a tough workout.  Pretty interesting how mind set plays such a huge roll in how your physical body feels.

Today I had a quick, not too crazy one planned out, inspired by Lindsey's workout up at Albany CrossFit yesterday.  I did:

1 round for time of:
1000 meter row
30 back squats (225)
30 kipping pull ups

Finished in 8:58 and I must say, this one was a little rusty thanks to the sore legs from the hill sprints.  Finished the row in 3:30 which was pretty good, but the squats got me.  I wasn't able to get more than 8 at a time.  The pull ups were a breeze.  I think that this would be a good one to try to get in around 6 for future reference.

Well, an off day tomorrow (I'll probably bike for a bit) and then a great day already planned for Tuesday.  I get to heavy deadlift!!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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