Saturday, November 28, 2009

Trans-Continenetal #2

Yesterday was the second installment of the Trans-Continental workout with my friend Blair Morrison who's out in Belgium getting his masters.  It was a step forward in intensity this one, but it was a great time.  The best part about it for me was the fact that we had a few people join in the fun.

The workout (prescribed weight)
100 meter farmers walk with 80lbs DB's
100 double unders
30 clean and jerks with 185lbs
100 double unders
100 meters farmers walk with 80lbs DB's

Blair had to perform the workout a couple days earlier because he was headed off to Switzerland for the weekend, so we were able to have something to push for.  His final time was 14:23, pretty damn impressive for such an involved workout.  Check out his write-up and video HERE.

Five of us gathered in at Balance Gym and got prepared, myself, Ori, Steve, Dan and Reggie were set up for the workout and good ol' Mike was in charge of the times and the camera.  Steve, Dan and myself used the prescribed weight (except we did 85lbs on the walk because we don't have 80's...) and Ori and Reggie used 75's and 160 and 135 on the clean and jerk respectively.  This one was tough.  I struggled through the double unders the first round, then found a comfortable rhythm with the clean and jerk.  My legs had nothing, so much so that I resorted to a split clean and split jerk after about 15 reps or so.  I will be posting up another post this weekend about over training, something I feel I may be teetering with as I am really struggling with recovery.  But the workout was a great test of being able to endure a heavy weight with very technical movements, combined with the ability to stay light and agile with the double unders and keep full support of the body through the walks.  I ended up finishing in 18:35, Reggie in 18:32, Steve in 19:02 and Dan, tore it up with a solid 14:55.  Ori struggled with a exertion migraine right off the bat and wisely pulled out of the workout before it got too serious.  Later on in the day I took a bunch of my baseball guys through the workout as well, you'll see them mixed in the video.  Everyone really pushed with this one and seemed to really enjoy it.

I'm really looking forward to the next workout we can share overseas, and hopefully we can get even more people to join in! 

Video will be posted later today or tomorrow.

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage


Steve Opiyo's Blog said...

Great workout. Thanks for the invite.

Steve Opiyo's Blog said...
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Fred said... guys were most certainly not mixed in the video...

Josh Courage said...

Fred, totally, check out youtube, just put it up there! Looks damn good too man.

edgy reggie said...

To the baseball guys and one football guy: Great work on a killer (but good) workout. :-)