Monday, November 2, 2009

My Zone Plan

Alright, so without getting too scientific (mainly because I'll go crazy if I try...), the Zone Diet is based on a balance of hormones and blood sugar.  Using the 40/30/30 concept of macro nutrients (40% of daily caloric intake carbs, 30% both protein and fats), the body will control insulin production and basically allow the body to function in a more efficient and healthy manner.  So generally, one can eat whatever one wants as long as it has the proper balance of macro nutrients.  To keep this control, the Zone created a plan based around Blocks of these macro nutrients.  One block on the plan represents 7 grams of protein, 9 grams of carbohydrates and 1.5 grams of fat.  The idea is that when you eat, it should be one or more of these blocks that make up each and every meal, no matter what.  So, you calculate out the amount of blocks your body requires by taking you body fat percentage, converting that to pounds and subtracting it from your total body weight.  The number you come up with be your lean body weight (all weight except body fat).  Divide that number by ten and you have the amount of blocks you should eat in a day.  From my studies I never really found a specific pattern on how and when these blocks should be consumed, but it seems that the going concept is to focus on 5 or six meal times, about 2-3 hours apart, with breakfast, lunch and dinner making up a larger quantity of blocks (4-6) and the other meals making up smaller amounts (1-3).

I've found a couple good sources of information on this plan and have talked to a few people about their views and it seems that most people end up tweaking the program a little to as they get into it.  Alot of the more serious athletes have included a greater number of fat grams to their day (which is something the speakers at my CrossFit certification mentioned would probably be necessary), and I am curious about whether or not my carb intake will need to be greater seeing how I will be doing more long, drawn out metcons with all my biking and running.  Either way, I expected that I would have to make modifications to the program, the same way I had to modify the workouts as well, so it's no real surprise.

So far, off to a rough start.  Last night I had planned on setting up the crockpot and cooking up a stew or chili that I could use the remainder of the week.  I also would cook up about 6 chicken breasts, steam up a whole slew of mixed veggies and probably whip up a few other things to keep in storage so I wouldn't have to take so much time with meal prep throughout the week.  But, I didn't even get back to house untill just after ten (and it felt like 11 seeing it was the first day of daylight savings).  So, didn't get that done.  I hope to do all that tonight. 

Excited to be starting such a big program!

Never Stop, GET FIT.
Josh Courage

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