Sunday, November 8, 2009

Great Saturday!

Yesterday I met up with a client/friend, Matt of mine for a midday workout.  I had a GWM day (gymnastic, weightlifting and metcon) but seeing how Matt was leaving to head back to school I wanted to get a good one in.  We needed to stay heavy, really heavy, but I also wanted to get a rhythm going, rather then stick to pure strength training.  So I wrote out this workout:

5 rounds for time:
Deadlift 5RM
Bench 5RM
1-arm snatch 5RM
Strict pull ups x 10
Bench jumps x 20 (laterally jumping over a weight bench and back = 1 rep)

I picked 315lbs on the DL, 205 on bench, and 75 on the snatch.  After warming up with 225 on the besnch I realized that that would be overkill for five rounds, and even 215 would be pushing it without a spot; so, to be sure not to drop the weight on my chest, I stuck with 205.  The snatch was a slightly different story.  I wanted 80, but we don't have them at my gym.  and 85 was just at that point where I would be taking hefty breaks between reps, I also didn't want to risk testing my form on the snatch because I really have not worked them in a while.

All in all, this workout was TOUGH.  After the second round I looked up at Matt and both of us clearly had the same thing on our minds: five rounds...yeah right!  I just said let's keep trucking and see what happens, and that's what we did.  Both of us struggled on the DL's, we stayed strong enough through our torso's to do them correctly, but we were both definitely skating on the brink of doing "bad deadlifts".  All the other exercises I personally felt fine with, especially the pull ups, I am feeling stronger and stronger with those.  Matt struggled a bit more on the bench, his snatches looked great, his pulls were, well, almost one at a time, and his jumps were awesome.  Of course, this was the first workout of this style he had done in about three months, so, he did very well considering.  I finished in 22:48, he in  24:38.  We were DONE after that.

Today was an off day, and I rested up, biked around the city a little and goofed off with some gymnastics stuff down at lululemon georgetown.  Tomorrow I am breaking my cycles a little to do something with a good friend that I suggested we do a while ago.  I'm really excited to try it out and maybe, just maybe we can create a new program with this concept.  It will all be posted tomorrow night...let the excitement begin!!

Here are tomorrow's WODs:

AM: 1 minute rounds, no rest
Body weight bench
Reverse burpees
continue until 100 reps total are reached
1 mile run
Combined time

PM: 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 Front Squats

Then it's lower key workouts for the week to get the body prepared for another 26.2 mile run for the Riding With Courage Marathon!

Never Stop, GET FIT.
Josh Courage

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