Monday, November 9, 2009

A Cool Idea

Today was the first of a great idea I got to share with a buddy who used to work out of the gym, Blair Morrison, now out in Belgium for graduate school.  The concept is to have people from different areas perform the same workout, video and post it up.  I got the idea a long time ago from a great friend of mine but it never really panned out until Blair left and I threw the idea out there.  So, he came up with a great workout and we did it.  Here's the workout:

AMRAP 1 minute rounds non stop of:
body weight bench
reverse burpees
Continue until you reach 100 total reps and then run 1 mile.  Goal is shortest time all around.  I ended up finishing in 15:18 while Blair edged me out at 15:11, damn good workout clearly. 

I had a couple road bumps along the way, first, I hate using this as an excuse, but on Saturday I did a workout that involved 5 sets with a 205lbs bench press, the same thing I did today.  Given that fact, I would say banging out 16 straight reps on the first set was pretty good.  After that I was choppy at best with all the exercises, also, realizing after the fact that I needed to get full lock out of my hips on the reverse burpees after the sit up and before the handstand.  I also had a glitch with my watch around the second round and had to go back and re-watch the video to confirm my finishing time.  All in all a great workout and I hope to do this perhaps once a week with Blair, with the goal of adding more people to the mix and make it a regular program!

link to video on YouTube

Tonight, I came back to the gym and did a nice long workout with front squats.  I have never been very strong with these so I want to make sure to keep them mixed in, especially as I work on my squat cleans.  I did two sets of 5 and 5 sets of 3 getting up to 245, not very impressive but I felt relatively sturdy.  I will be sure to continue working on those as I get further along with my program.

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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