Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The holidays are upon us and that means a busy schedule for me!  I have three videos of great workouts coming up tomorrow sometime, and I'll be hitting a couple CrossFit boxes up in MA while I visit family.

Looking forward to some great stuff!

Today I took a great group of guys through the 12 Days Of Christmas Workout, but, I made it a good deal tougher on everyone.  I took the 12 exercises and made everyone perform all 12, ten times through.  This was sooooo tough.  I finished in 45+ minutes and we were all so wonderfully crushed afterwards.  Here's what it looked like:

DB squats x 12
DB power cleans x 11
Double unders x 10
Box jumps x 9
Leg raises x 8
DB swings x 7
Thruster x 6
Push ups x 5
Broad jumps x 4
DB push press x 3
Renegade rows x 2 (each arm)
Burpee x 1

The way this is supposed to work is like the 12Days Of Christmas Song.  But I wanted to really psuh everyone, so we just did the whole damn thing 10 times through.  We also had weighted ropes, so most of the guys did single jumps, and a few guys too the 30" box as well.  Man!  This one was fun!

No footage of this one, but I have a video from another workout down at Balance CrossFit with Coach Danielle, a great group workout from the toerh day, AND, one of the most fun workouts I've had late at night in an old parking lot (with the 2 feet of snow to play in!).

Keep checking over the holidays for plenty of psots, and I have a few discussion items to throu=w up here pretty soon as well.  So much to come!!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage


Dan Samarov said...

Dude! I'm up in Boston visiting my family. If you're in town you should come check out Crossfit Fenway at 10am. They're having some kind of "festive 50" work out. If I don't catch you tomorrow hope you have a happy holiday!


Josh Courage said...

Wish I could make it up there, I'll be hitting North Shore CrossFit tomorrow, but just workouts on my own besides that. You back in DC Monday? We're going to have a huge, awesome workout then.

Dan Samarov said...

I'll be back Sunday. What time Monday are you all planning on working out?


Josh Courage said...

10 am. At Balance Thomas Circle. I think Blair and I are doing the trans-continental #4 before that though. So, 9 probably. Can you email me at so I have your contact info and can keep you informed as to the schedule for monday.