Friday, December 25, 2009

A Great Christmas

Well, turns out the whole idea of getting video up is really just not about to happen.  Iu forgot my personal camera at home (so I can't edit together the videos from last week) and even when I was able to get another camera, my laptop is just not cooperating with video upload at all.  Oh well. 

After a wonderful morning (a bit of a struggle to eat my normal breakfast with the miriad of breads, muffens and other gluten and sugar-filled fun) with egg whites and a protein shake, we all gathered around to open gifts with light holiday music playing in the background.  It was fun, lots of smiles and laughs and good gifts spread about.  After lunch (I had to resort to a micrawavable turkey meal as there really is nothing condusive to the non-red meat/gluten/dairy eating type of guy like myself), I took a quick nap and then headed off to the local high school for a workout.

Being up in Mansfield, MA for Christmas, we have a huge amount of snow.  After a couple family members expressed their confusion with not only the fact I was going outside to workout, but going to a field that was most likely still covered in snow, I drove on out and got myself ready.  In about 18 inches of fresh snow, 20 degree weather and some great winter clothes (thanks lululemon...!) I wrote this one out:
500 jump rope
100 double unders

100 meters snow sprint
90 m bear crawls
80 m crab walks
70 m broad jumps
60 m ice skaters
50 m duck walk
40 m push up jumps
30 m prone scampering
20 m kick throughs
10 meters handstand walk

I sprinted back to the meter marking every round and had to stop a couple times to re-tie my shoes and turn the camera back on (the damn thing kept turning off on me, and, go figure, I'm not able to get the footage anyway).  This took me 19:57 in total and was exhausting!  The bear crawl and crab walk in the snow destroyed me cardiovascularly.  I couldn't get a grip at all, and I had to use my fists or else I would slide all over the place.  By the time I got to the ten meters of handstand walks, I literally was getting one step, collapsing, popping back up and repeating that same one step.  It was pretty fun.

After that, I decided to add a little something so I grabbed a huge jug meant to hold about 100 gallons and hoisted it up for a 800 meter run.  It had a little water in it, but it was the size that made it so damn hard.  This took me 5:34, a really slow half mile, but I put everything into it.

What a great day!  Now, dinner is cooking, basketball is on, and people are just lounging around and relaxing.  I love Christmas so much.

Tomorrow I'm headed out to North Shore CrossFit for a good WOD, then to the batting cages with my cousin.  Enjoying it so much.  What is everyone else doing to keep active over the holidays?

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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