Sunday, November 9, 2008

Marathon Goal Achieved... on to the new goals!

I love the feeling of achievement, but I love even more knowing I am stronger and setting new goals to take myself to the next level. Here's what I got:

The single goal to go after right now is to dunk a basketball. I used to be able to dunk back in high school, but that was with a girls ball (or anything I could palm). Then, when I got into lifting in college, I lost that explosiveness. Now I want to get it back. The fun part of this challenge is that there are two other trainers going for the same goal. And each of us are writing our own programs and going about it in our own specific ways. Here's how I am working towards it:

An 8-week progressive power training program. Three weeks of base strength training with light power and speed worked in begins the program. An active rest week follows with speed, quickness, agility and plyometrics as the focus. The next three weeks will be heavy strength work with plenty of power training taking up the majority if the sessions.

Two days ago I was able to dunk both a tennis ball and a dodge ball, so I am pretty confident I will be able to get a basketball by January 1. But most of all, this is really a fun time getting back into this form of training. The marathon running really took a lot out of me and it's very clear that I lost a great deal of strength, and an amazing amount of power over the last year. So getting back into this just feels good.

I'll keep everyone updated about that but until my next update on that one, I have a few other interesting posts to throw at you all. Keep an eye out. And until then...

Never Stop, GET FIT

Josh Courage

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