Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Training

So now that I am officially done with my year-long marathon goal (a huge success I might add), I am on to some new things. I have yet to attach myself to anything as serious as the running challenge, but I know that with the amount of different workouts am trying out, I am sure to hook on to something soon. But while I work and work out, I thought I'd share some of the fun new things I've tried over the past months...

First things first; the jiu-jitsu is going alright. I am having a blast with it all but it is a bit tough to get it in consistently because of my training schedule and because my instructor is in the process of expanding and having a hard time with keeping a set schedule. I am sure that will smooth out pretty quickly for both of us though as baseball season is right around the corner and my schedule will open up; and on his side, things will settle down in the new locations and it'll all be set in stone. Besides that I have been working out on a somewhat regular basis with a couple other trainers and we have been toying around with CrossFit. Now, I have plenty to say about this style of exercise, but I will keep at this: it's fun, it's not for everyone, it'll kick you butt and get you in shape fast.

We have also been messing around with a other forms of lifting - dragging cars, heavy sandbags, lifting water pipes and kegs, hoisting up 100lbs med balls etc - all benefiting out strength training needs and our fun needs. Here are a couple pictures.

Last but not least, last weekend I took a trip out to an indoor climbing facility. After a couple hours I walked out with no feeling in my hands and arms and feeling very, very humbled. It has been decided that I will begin taking this a little more seriously starting next week when I head out to take a couple classes. Should be a good time.

Company info coming up next!
Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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