Sunday, October 12, 2008

Marathon Nine - Completed

Well there you go. Nine down in my overzealous goal of ten marathons in a year. And of course, as is always the case with me, this one has an interesting story to go along with it. I mean, how could I ever actually just go out, train for a run, run the race, and take my time coming home? No, not me. I have to make an adventure out of everything I do. I wouldn't have it any other way! It's all so much more fun this way anyway.

So, this one's adventure was the two weeks leading up to the race, not necessarily the race itself, although, the race itself was a doosie I must say. On Tuesday, September 30, I went in to get a small surgery in my left chest. It was relatively harmless, but the doc said I wouldn't be able to weight train for about three weeks, and I wouldn't be able to do any cardio for 7-10 days. This sucks for me like crazy because I am pretty sure three weeks is longer than I have ever gone without weight training since I started weight training over 12 years ago. But, what can you do. Also, 10 days of no cardio puts me literally the day before my marathon. But then again, I am one to do wierd things pre marathon just to see how they turn out (see: MASS marathon, ALBANY marathon, OAR marathon etc.). So, I would proceed to go just under two full weeks of literally zero exercise before I would run a marathon.

It turns out, I am not good at not working out. I mean, physically it really wasn't all that bad. I got pretty restless in the evenings but besides that, my body probably needs the big rest (i will come back on a tear next week, just wait and see!). It was the mental aspect that really got me. I actually need to work out to keep my mind at somewhat normal. I guess in a way, you could argue that i have a slight addiction to exercise. I say that that's not the case because exercise doesn't interfere with my life. Ultimatly, exercise makes up my life. I describe not exerciseing at all for two weeks for me, is like a normal Joe Schmoe not being able to take a shower for two weeks. It is just a staple in my life that plays a huge roll in defining who I am. Needless to say, it was quite a challenge in itself to lay off it for so long.

But the even bigger challenge was running a marathon on so much rest. It was a tough one. I finished in 4:32, my third worst time. I had a great pace going, a nine minute mile pace, and I had a goal of finishing under 4:20 which is the average male marathon finishing time these days. But around the half way mark i started to get very nausous, something I've never really experienced running. I kept my pace going through mile 18 or so and then i just couldn't take it anymore. I walked a bit and ran, very slowly.

I finished very dehidrated and about to keel over, and once I got some nutrients in me, and plenty of water I had this crazy burst of energy. It was a very nice course, all through Baltimore. Very hilly but I really enjoyed how it was set up. All I know, is that i have one more to go to reach this year long goal of ten (along with the 50 miler), and I am very, very excited to have done so much this year!

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