Monday, October 6, 2008

Crazy, New, Exciting, Fun Stuff!!

Ok, ok, I'll calm down a little, I am just overflowing with new things I want to get out and am excited to be able to let everyone know what i have going on here.

I don't really know where to start with everything, so I think I'll just throw things down and talk about them a little bit in no particular order.

This happened a bit ago and I realized i never really made the announcement. Before I took on the roll of an assistant baseball coach to a great select summer baseball team this year, I was announced as Directer of Strength and Condition for the great DC based sports company Headfirst Sports. I have known the guys who run this company for some time, in fact, the president taught me how to pitch the way I did. We have finally got together and I will be putting together plenty of camps and clinics for all the athletes that go through their program. You can check them out at

I will be on FOX News this month, and probably again next month as well!
It has been confirmed that I will be on to talk a bit about how baseball players train off the field in preporation for the World Series coming up so soon! The other spot will be on power running (sprints, agility and resisted running), all part of a four part running series they are having through November. I am pretty excited about that. I will announce the dates these spots air when I know them.

There will soon be other trainers working along with me!
I am in the beginning stages of hiring employees for the up coming camps I will be putting together along with Headfirst Sports. It will be fun to have another trainer or two, who share my passion for heath and fitness to be around and i am sure all my clients will get the privilege of learning from them as well. I of course will announce that hire when it happens.

And finally, most people know about it already but just in case you haven't seen it. I have started another blog called Challenge Me To Train. This is where I take people's challenges and I train for them in the most detailed manner I know how and post up the entire process. As of now I have chosen the three challenges I will be attempting (Run A Marathon, Jump Rope 2000 Times With No Mistakes, Finish The "300" Workout In Under 18 Minutes), and I have already begun the process for running a marathon. Please go check it out and leave any and all feedback you would like!

Well there you have it folks! New things are always around the corner with me, I can promise you that. And of course, I have only two marathons left to complete my Ten Marathons In A Year challenge!! Look for those posts, number nine is this coming Saturday...

Never Stop, GET FIT

Josh Courage

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