Thursday, January 10, 2008

A New Goal Set

Today I got 20 Pull Ups!
(This is 2 weeks ago where I squeeze out 15)
It was crowded in the gym and I couldn't really express my emotions, but my heart rate was pumping like I had just run 10 sprints, I was so pumped up. There really is something amazing that happens when you achieve a goal you set for yourself, whether it's a huge one like quiting the job you hate to pursue your life long dream, or small like trying to stop drinking soda. Whatever the goal you set forth to achieve, it is something that you know will be a challenge.

I put up 10 goals to achieve my February 1st of this year as part of my participation in my own "Children Get Fit Challenge". So far, I have only achieved two, and right now I am fully aware that I won't get a handful of them. I don't want to get into that just yet though, I was planning on posting something about goals, motivation and passion in the next few days, then, about failure near the end of the month and what it means.

Today I want to talk briefly about the 20 Pull Ups. It's kind of funny, I actually didn't really expect to achieve that one. I haven't been focusing on them, or any other lifting movement because I have been really baring down on the running (I had two weeks off because of a twisted ankle). So today, I just felt like giving it a shot. I had gone on a fast run, my normal Rock Creek run that takes about 53 minutes, and I got it in 44. So I was a little fatigued, but I wanted to go for it anyway. I loosened up, grabbed the bar with a neutral grip, and did it.

The great feeling was right around rep 17; I paused for a second and realized right there I was going to get it. It was an invigorating feeling knowing that I would get this goal, no matter what. The same feeling I had when I saw the finish line at the Marine Corps Marathon. A sort of calm in knowing that I did it, even though I wasn't there yet, I did it. That calm gives me a an extra adrenaline boost and I end up feeling stronger for those last few moments than I did at the start. I think that's why I made a good closer in baseball, I came in at the end and got fired up, and closed the door when everyone else was at their end. I really feed off that last moment, the build up is great, but it's all in anticipation for the successful ending. It's knowing that even though all could be lost in a blink of an eye, that it is the easiest time to quit, I won't do it, I will bear down here and finish strong.

So what do you do when you are faced with a challenge? Do you put up your defenses? Do you turn around and run the other way? Do you find an excuse? Or do you stare it in the face and embrace it, win or lose?

Never Quit, GET FIT

Josh Courage


Bjornson said...

I only counted 14, boy.

Josh Courage said...

Well good call. Either way, I got 20, I'll get it again and post up the video for all you sticklers of perfection...