Sunday, January 13, 2008

Are You Kidding Me?

Well, today I had a pretty funny experience while on my run.

It was a great run planned, wasn't sure how long exactly, but when I drew it out on google maps it measured in at 16.1 miles, it was perfect. Leaving from my place around the Woodley Park metro stop, I ran down around the White House and to the Washington Monument. I ran around the Monument and headed towards the Lincoln Memorial where I crossed the Arlington Memorial Bridge. From there, I took a paved path to Roosevelt Island and when the path heads up to Rosslyn, VA, I veered off and took the Potomac Heritage Trail, a pretty tough trail that leads to the Chain Bridge in Virgina. From the trail I took the Toe Path back through Georgetown and up Rock Creek Parkway to my house. It was a pretty tough one, especially with the trail, but it was great.

So, this "incident" occurred about 2 miles into the trail. I was really focused on the ground seeing how I was trying to be extra careful on my previously sprained ankle, and the say the least, is damn hard to run. I just passed a pretty hard slope with some jagged rocks I had to maneuver around and was coming up to a little creek. I got excited here because I just love finding ways to run through small streams and creeks, there's something "adventury" about it. My excitement got put on hold though when I saw an older gentleman, clearly a hiker on the path, standing on the other side, directly in the middle of the path looking into the water. I slowed up a bit as I rounded the last couple turn through some small trees trying to make a little extra noise so that he might hear me and step aside so I could storm through. But, he was a little too focused on what he was doing.

As I rounded the last tree and came up towards the creek, I noticed that, yup, he was in fact standing directly in the middle of the trail, taking a piss right into the creek.

Come on now man! Couldn't you move three feet to the side and stay off the path at least?

The worst part was, he didn't even realize I was coming up, not until I was literally 10 feet from him about to jump down the slope towards the creek. He quickly put away know, and grumbled some sort of surprised sound and turned quickly keeping his head down.

Perhaps next time he needs to relieve himself he'll move off the path and keep his eyes open.

Anybody have stories they might want to share like this one? People are strange sometimes...

Never Quit, GET FIT

Josh Courage

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DC Figgy said...

HAHAhahahaha... that's what you get for exercising...