Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Power Of 10" (and a couple others...)

Today I did an awesome workout after a little snatch work.  The workout I got thanks to Lindsey and CrossFit Southwest in Tempe, Arizona.

100 meter farmers walk
10 hammer strikes
1 rope climb
100 double unders
10 toes to bar
1 bear crawl (court lap)
100 sit ups
10 pass throughs (push up position to L-sit and back)
1 muscle up

The first round you do all exercises, second round just do the 10's and 1's, third round to just the 1's.  This workout just looks fun, and I'll tell you what, it was even more fun then it looked.  The bear crawl was the most fatiguing (I am sure that we all did a little farther than Rx'd).  The sit ups were the big time consumer, and after yesterdays GHD work, my abs were pretty sore.  The sit ups, ass throughs and toes to bar made the abs, yeah, a good amount moe sore.

I took some of my guys through it early on, they did a great job, attacked it head on.  Then Ori and I worked a bit on snatches before I went after the workout.  My snatch work felt very rusty, very slow and very sloppy.  I havent taken the time to really focus on this stuff in a while so I was not expecting mush more.  I went after 6 rounds of 3 and was able to feel the best with a wimpy 145#.  You can see the sloppiness on the video.

(The other videos are from workouts on Wednesday and Thursday)

Wait till you see tomorrows workout!

Never Stop, GET FIT.

Josh Courage

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