Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just Watching

A couple weekends ago I traveled back down to Bull Run State Park around Manasses, VA to watch the Bull Run Run 50-miler that I ran last year. Two of my friends were running it and I was excited to get down there and see what it was like from the "other side".

It was a blast.

To see all those athletes push themselves to the limits and then beyond was such an inspiration to me. All I can say is that I respect the hell out of anyone who can go out there, in any sport, and push themselves beyond what they thought they could handle. This hot day was a tough one for the runners and I saw at every aid station how their minds and bodies broke down. It was amazing to watch how a smiling face and chipper voice could so quickly turn into a strained face and almost incoherent speech. But they kept pushing and crossed the finish line! To finish is to win as they say. I can't believe that that was me a year ago...

Another perk was that i was able to get a little Methode Naturalle ( in between aid stations. Fourty five minutes of sprinting through the woods, carrying things, throwing things, pushing and pulling things, climbing, jumping, crawling. It was a great day.

Never Stop, GET FIT.
Josh Courage

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