Thursday, April 24, 2008

Things I'm Thankful For (on a long run)

Pushing on two weeks after I completed my 50 mile run I have already moved on to planning my summer goals, workout and nutrition plans. But before I move on to bigger better things in my training, I want to take some time a post a quick one on some of the things that helped me out through my big goal of running an ultra-marathon.

Here they are, in list form, in no particular order:

- My Mom
When the going got tough during the race, I thought about her inability to move comfortably, how challenging it is for her to even move her arm. And my pain went away.

- Adidas Supernova Trail Running Shoes
These bad boys felt great mile 1 and felt even better at mile 50. Through mud, water, sweat, rocks so on, these things held up and felt so great. I walked away with pretty good looking feet given what I just went through.

- Injinji Socks
While they look funny (they are like gloves for your feet!) but they kept my feet blister free...well...I had a small one, but really, after 50 miles, having only one small little blister is pretty good.

- Jim
My trainer friend Jim Bathurst (who can do some pretty impressive exercises. check him out at He was great support and helped push me through a few pretty rough patches. It's great to have a friend there for support when you're attempting a run like that.

- Cliff Blocks
Man these things are a life saver. Since the last marathon and then through this run, these things just taste great and somehow give me some great energy. I will be using these for a long time.

- Fig Newtons
Holy cow man! These things were like steroids for me during this run! I never would have thought it, but I looked forward to getting a handful of these at every aid station. Can't say enough, so good.

- James
My friend, who on the same day attempted a 100 mile run; this guy has been great help for me over the past half a year. He took me out on my first training run before my first marathon and has been some great motivation for me. I hope to pace him on his next 100.

- Cheese its
Even soggy from sweat in my waist pocket, these things are wonderful. I have to admit, I'm a sucker for them running or no.

- Other runners
I swear to god, the longer the run, the friendlier the runners are. Everyone is supporting one another, everyone is willing to help. It is a great feeling when you know you are surrounded by crazy people just like you.

- Volunteers
People we have never met coming out to wait on you hand and foot. They come out and stay out there in any weather and for hours on end. These people are unbelievable!

There you go, ten things I'm thankful for on a long run. I'll be posting up my new training program and goals early next week after my 26th birthday (Sunday the 27th!!). Hope everyone is well and training hard!


Josh Courage

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